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Giaber HX-F1709 αβ surface nuclear contamination detector

Effective detection area: 150cm2/170cm2; Two options

Nuclide library: 21 nuclides, and can be customized;

Background: α≤0.1cps; β≤15cps;

Detection efficiency: Eα≥40%(2π,239Pu), Eβ≥55%(2π,90Sr-90Y);

Working environment: ambient temperature -30℃ ~ +65℃; Relative humidity ≤95%;

Power supply: rechargeable lithium battery, normal working time ≥24 hours;

Weight: < 1kg (including battery);


HX-F1709 αβ surface contamination detector is mainly used to measure the level of α-ray and β-ray radioactive contamination on the surface of objects, clothing, walls, floors and personnel in radioactive sites. It can also be used for military and local nuclear accident emergency centers, training institutions, rescue teams and designated medical treatment hospitals to carry out nuclear emergency radioactive contamination surface detection.

Functional characteristics

External wound contamination detector;

With coding recognition and wireless communication function;

Supporting special stand-alone version data management software;

It has the functions of information automatic binding (time, instrument number, operator, person to be tested or site to be tested and contaminated position can be automatically bundled with pollution data), storage, transmission and digital identification of contaminated position;

With offline storage function, can store at least 30000 groups of data;

Streamlined ultra-thin design, the thickness is only 8.5cm, with good ergonomic adaptability; Mold forming process, the shell material is made of PA12 high performance nylon composite material, iodine corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high cold resistance, high strength, good toughness.



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