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Giaber SDX01 Emergency Storage Battery

AC output is pure sine wave output, can normally connect to rated voltage and rated power within most of the electrical equipment, such as military equipment, personal computers, laptops and other electrical appliances.


1. The mains charges batteries in the internal system

2. Solar energy charges batteries inside the system

3.LED lighting

4.LED "SOS" signal

5. The DC supplies 12V power

6.USB 5V output power supply

7. Pure sine wave AC output

8 . Intelligent temperature-controlled fan dissipates heat

9 . Over-temperature protection

10 .LCD display displays power and the working state of each function


Electrical parameters:

Internal battery: Li-Polymer 11.1V/48Ah

LED light: 3W.

LED light stall 1: long bright.

LED light stall 2: SOS signal

Cooling method: Air cooling.

Fan startup: Higher than 50 ° C.

Fan stop: Lower than 45 ° C.

Stop charging temperature: higher than 75℃.

Overtemperature protection: 75℃.

Operating temperature: -40~+55℃.

Storage temperature: -20~+35℃



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