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Giaber MP7 Emergency energy storage

AC output: 220V X4 PCS

DC output: 12V X2 PCS

USB output: 3.0X2 PCS

Type-C: 65w X 2 PCS

Cigarette lighter output: 12V10A

DC input: 12V/10A 120W X2 PCS

Solar input: Supported

On-board charging: Supported

Emergency car start: Supported


High capacity and high power, outdoor no shortage of electricity, constant power at home, high power W output support a variety of equipment power supply, power level cell, long life cycle number of 2500+, to charge and release once a day can be used for about seven years.

Multifunctional interface design: a variety of output DC AC can be used.

More professional pure sine wave current (comparable to mains), high precision output does not hurt electrical equipment, effectively protect waveform stability, no damage to the power supply equipment, safe to use

Intelligent heat dissipation multiple protection, overvoltage/overload/overtemperature/short circuit/overdischarge.

Easy to handle and small.

Built-in plug, in line with the new national standard protection door design, anti-shock, easy heat dissipation, insulation and anti-leakage safety intimate.

Double intelligent digital liquid crystal battery display, clear and clear.



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