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Giaber URD360 AOA 5KM Drone Direction Finder

  • Real-time detection of UAV image transmission and remote control signals, and direction finding

  • Identify mainstream UAV models and unique serial numbers, and independently add model feature databases

  • Support autonomous linkage countermeasure equipment and other detection equipment

  • Built-in navigation components, complete positioning and north finding independently

  • Break the protocol of mainstream models and set up black and white lists

  • Full spectrum scan

  • Multi-station handover and positioning

  • 7*24 hours unattended, fully automatic and efficient operation


Working Frequency70MHz ~6GHzReal-time Monitoring Bandwidth120MHz
Detection Angle360°Protection ClassIP66
Detection Range5kmWeight12KG
Direction Finding Accuracy3.5°(RMS)Dimensions

Diameter 590mm

Height 305mm


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