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Giaber S30PRO 25L/25KG Agricultural Drone Sprayer Transport Spraying OEM

  • Full load hover time: 9 Minutes

  • Rated Capacity: 25L or 25KG

  • Flight altitude: 30 M

  • Battery charging time: 12 Minutes

  • Provide local customized service, meet the needs of various dealers.


Seeding type: dry particles with diameter less than 8mm, such as compound fertilizer, pellet feed, rice, etc.

Load: rated material 100 catties, large load, long operation time

Seeding flow: 0-50kg/min adjustable number, accurate seeding

Flight speed: 0-8 m/s digital adjustable, according to the mu area accurate seeding, acre accuracy<8%

Spreading width: 10-20 meters digital adjustable, patented technology covers a large area, extremely uniform

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