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Giaber M6E-G300 30L/30KG Agricultural Drone Sprayer Transport Spraying OEM

  • Full load hover time: 8-20 Minutes

  • Battery capacity: 14S (28000mAh 51.8V)

  • Rated Capacity: 30L or 30KG

  • Battery charging time: 12 Minutes

  • Provide local customized service, meet the needs of various dealers.


Tank Volume30L
Work Efficiency2.7-4Acre/10min
Full payload Flying Time10-13min
Empty payload Flying Time≥20min
Flying Speed0-10m/s
Flying Height3500m
Landing approachVertical take-off and landing
Spray droplet diameter80-200μm
Quantity of Nozzles10pcs
Recommend Spray Speed4-10m/s
Spray Width4-9M
Spray Height2-4M above crop (8m for Seedling stage plants)
Spraying Area

80-96 hectares per day



Mode 1

Preset the working route on GCS ,find your crop field on Google Map, the route will automatically appear. The start point,the final point and the working direction can all be set.


Mode 2

Import Kml file directly , the route will automatically appear. The start point, the final point and the working direction can all be set.


Mode 3

Quick scanning mode: Operator only need to set A and B point and give the drone a direction order then the drone will fly and spray automatically. Easy to shorten or extend the AB point distance during flying to adapt irregular shape

RTK accurate positioning system

Accuracy: Horizontal: ±1cm + 1ppm Vertical:±2cm + 1ppm Function: Make sure the field can be fully covered. To avoid damage neighbour crop and pollution. One base station supports multiple drones work at same time.


Spraying systemDouble water pumps generate bigger pressure , max 4L/min adjustable flow rate. Auxiliary tank can prevent the reverse flow of water from spraying system to achieve more precise flow counting.


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